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WordPress Hosting eBook Version 2

WordPress Webhosting eBook V2

Hey Shouter,

This is the version 2 of our WordPress web hosting guide. Want to start your career online? Web hosting & domain name is the first thing that you need to know & this guide is for you.

Topics covered in this eBook:

  • What is WordPress Hosting & what a beginner should know before launching WordPress blog
  • What are different types of WordPress hosting
  • Things to look in a Wordpreess hosting
  • What are the recommended Webhosting for WordPress
  • A definitive Guide to Hosting packages
  • $225 worth of Hosting coupons
  • How to buy a Web hosting & domain name even if you have not purchased one before.
  • Few secret tricks to save money on Web-hosting

V1: 22nd May 2016: Initial version released.

V 2: 10th July 2017: Next version releases

Note: Buyer of this eBook is entitled to receive all future updates for free. Kindly confirm the same at the checkout page.

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